ALBA’s program touches on many issues confronting us today, such as immigration policy, farmworker poverty, the rural economy, climate change, and the lack of diversity, youth and mid-size family farms in American agriculture. The list of educational materials on these topics is lengthy, so we don’t intend for this to be a comprehensive or final list. Instead, consider the launch of our website in March of 2021 to be the start of a process of building a robust archive of resources on equitable and sustainable food systems. Please e-mail us to suggest entries at




Jesus Malverde
Jesus is helping out a friend who’s part of the ALBA program.

Investing in the education of immigrant farmworkers, and others, to help them escape from poverty and take part in the next generation of organic family farms is a fledgling cause to say the least. But one that is very worthwhile. Doing so, will tip the balance of American agriculture to favor greater equity and opportunity for marginalized works while mitigating climate change and providing a needed boost to our rural economies.

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