Dear friends, colleagues and business partners,

The Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association, commonly known as ALBA, has used the name “ALBA Organics” in industry trade since approximately 2004.

On November 30, 2016, ALBA began leasing its cooler facility at 1700 Old Stage Road, outside of Salinas, to Aggrigator Inc.  At about the same time, ALBA gave Aggrigator Inc. temporary permission to use the name “ALBA Organics” in Aggrigator Inc.’s business operations.  However, at no time were ALBA and Aggrigator Inc. in partnership, or otherwise operating a business enterprise together.

Since November 30, 2016, Aggrigator Inc. has used the name “ALBA Organics” in Aggrigator Inc.’s business operations, such as on packaging and labels.  All products and services that have been provided by Aggrigator Inc. are solely the responsibility of Aggrigator Inc., and ALBA has had no role, whatsoever, in the oversight, management or control of Aggrigator Inc.’s business operations.

This letter is intended to clarify these issues with our friends, colleagues, business partners and member of the public so that there is no confusion.  Any interaction or business you may have had with Aggrigator Inc. – whether through its use of the name “ALBA Organics” or not – have not been related to ALBA, and ALBA has had no decision-making involvement in, or responsibility for, Aggrigator Inc.’s business operations, including its sales, purchases, marketing, pricing, contract and every other aspect of its business.

Thank you,

Patricia Carrillo

Executive Director