Food Safety Declaration

ALBA Organics and ALBA Management, Staff, and Growers are committed to ensure that food safety is implemented and maintained throughout our production process; from before planning through product release.  

This is achieved by:

  • Providing farmers and staff continued educational opportunities on food safety federal and organizational regulation
  • Compliance and implementation of relevant legislation
  • Providing technical assistance throughout the growing season to implement of good agricultural practices (GAPs) and good handling practices (GHPs), and
  • Certification against a GAP audit performed by an accredited certification agency.
  • Representation during food safety audits, and
  • Assistance creating food safety plans for incubator graduates

All of our staff and farmers have been trained in food safety and hygiene and are strictly monitored to ensure continuous compliance and implementation of ALBA’s food safety plan, policies, and procedures.

ALBA is an original pilotee and adoptee of the USDA Group GAP certification with our newest incubator farmers for whom a 3rd party independent food safety audit is cost prohibitivealba9

What is USDA Group GAP Certification?

It is an alternate vehicle for a small  producers to achieve GAP & GHP certification. ALBA decided  to include ALBA Organics  cooler and 1st and 2nd year farmers to compose the Farm Group and be audited as a single body.  To do so, ALBA developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), incorporating the requirements of a food safety standard. ALBA performs internal audit of Farm Group members (cooler and farmers) to ensure compliance with the chosen food safety standard, and internal audits of their QMS to ensure adherence to it. USDA performs system audits of the Farm Group’s QMS, and GAP and/or GHP audits of a certain number of the farms. All audits are performed on an annual basis.

ALBA Food Safety Plan:                                      ALBA Quality Management System