The barrier to success for our farmers’ – and any small farmer – is the effective marketing of relatively small volumes of  product.

In 2002, ALBA established a licensed produce distributor – ALBA Organics – to help participating farmers market their crops. This service is a pillar of our program as it connects beginning farmers with markets they would not otherwise be able to reach because of their size. Doing so enables beginning farmers to focus on learning other aspects of managing their new business in their initial years. In the last 5 years, ALBA Organics generated $15 million in income for our farmers.

ALBA Organics sources products from 50+ small-scale organic farmers, a combination of current ALBA farmers and program graduates. Farm-fresh strawberries top the list of ALBA products, followed by kales, chard, broccoli, romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro and beets, among many others. We deliver fresh, local produce daily to institutions, wholesalers and retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area and statewide.


Why buy from ALBA Organics?

  1. Get fresh, organic, locally grown and source-verified produce.
  2. Support start-up family farms, most of which are run by former farm workers.
  3. Promote sustainable farming education through schools and universities which visit our farm.

Help us support the next generation of family farms!

Monday to Friday 6:30am to 5:30pm or Saturday from 6:30am to 1pm.


Kelli Shingai, Produce Sales Manager,, (831) 758-5958
Alondra Garcilazo, Bookkeeper and Office Manager,, (831) 758-5315